An Adult Entertainment District

“Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson on Monday proposed the creation of an adult-entertainment district in the Flats to house up to three strip clubs, possibly including Larry Flynt‘s Hustler Club,” reports The Plain Dealer here. The district would help the adult businesses. For example:

Currently, city law requires strip clubs to be no closer than 1,000 feet from parks, schools, churches, libraries and residential districts. But the restrictions would not apply to clubs in an adult-entertainment district.

Diamond club manager Ed Thompson said he likes the idea of an adult-entertainment district because it would be marketable and convenient to convention-goers.

I like the initiative here. The Mayor seems unafraid to propose something that might, God forbid, help the adult entertainment industry. I cannot informatively comment on the events leading up to this potential compromise, but I’m quite sure that it will save the City time and money on the road to Wellville.

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