Love Naught War

From Dr. Marty Klein’s Sexual Intelligence (a wonderful blog), comes this this post: When Language is More Important than War. It’s more on PBS’s deliberation to self-censor the broadcast of Ken Burns’ 14-hour documentary on WWII (which contains four instances of profanity — war is ugly, after all) amid concerns from the Parents Television Council. Dr. Klein is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist, and sociologist with a special interest in public policy and sexuality. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a First Amendment Lawyers conference a couple of years ago, and he’s impressive. He’s written 6 books and over 100 articles about sexuality. According to his Web site, he trains thousands of professionals in North America and abroad in clinical skills, human sexuality, and policy issues.

Plus Dr. Klein knows censorship when he sees — or doesn’t hear — it.

The FCC must think that peppering protected speech with small-arms fire will not curtail the “robust” debates of our time. But who orders an exquisite bottle of red and then turns to the wine steward and says, “Now please water it down.” One day the Supreme Court will turn the First Amendment turret on the FCC, writing something like, “We have before us legislation not reasonably restricted to the evil with which it is said to deal. The incidence of this enactment is to reduce the adult population of Michigan to reading only what is fit for children.” Butler v. Michigan, 352 U.S. 380, 383 (1957). Until then keep your eyes and ears and nose open.

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