Virtual Dollhouse

In Edgewater, Florida there’s this house. Somewhere, maybe in Edgewater, there’s this Web Site, “, where visitors can, for a fee, watch live video streams from the Edgewater house, where chiseled young males are paid $1,200, plus room, board and meals, to live in the two-story home for a month and have sex with each other on schedule,” reports the Miami Herald here. (Which I found while perusing The Volokh Conspiracy here.)

These cases are tricky for all sides. First Amendment Center scholar David L. Hudson, Jr. has written about some of the issues here. As Mr. Hudson observes:

The question remains whether an e-commerce adult business should be subject to these same zoning laws as a traditional adult bookstore or gentleman’s club that features disrobing dancers. Some Internet sites, such as the highly publicized Voyeur Dorm, let subscribers observe several young women sharing a house. The houses are wired with cameras in various rooms so that subscribers have 24-hour access to the women’s activities.

The catch is that these houses may look like any other house in a residential district. City planners may wish to prevent such businesses from operating in neighborhoods, but may have a hard time regulating them under traditional adult-business zoning laws.

A hard time indeed. Keep an eye (or two) on this case.

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