Insight from the Inside: Dissenting Opinions

This past Sunday (10/21) I attended the Leo & Berry Eizenstat Memorial Lecture at the Ahavath Achim Syngogue. The guest of honor? None other than The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg. What a superb Sunday outing. You can read about the speech here. Justice Ginsburg spoke about the importance of dissenting opinions and the role that they play in the SCOTUS’s jurisprudence. She reflected on her judicial temperment; how to strike balance on standing ground and achieving a common voice, all without sacrificing justice or dulling the judicial blade. She is, by all accounts, remarkable. So is her story. Very cool stuff.

Speaking of Justice Ginsburg and dissenting opinions, we’re relying on one right now: McMillian v. Monroe County, 520 U.S. 781 (1997) (Ginsburg, J. dissenting). We recently filed a cert petition on behalf of a nude-dance club in middle Georgia, in which we argued that Justice Ginsburg’s dissent has come to fruition. It’s a sticky issue. It just so happens that the petition has captured some attention. You can link to it from‘s “Petitions to Watch” site here. How cool is that!

Yes, I’m aware that this photo (to the far right) is not Justice Ginsburg. But, we’re told, it’s her best friend on the bench. I bet he’s pretty cool, too.
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