Among the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100

This is cool: Editors of the ABA Journal have selected Meeting the Sin Laws as one of the top 100 best websites by lawyers, for lawyers. Lawyers are being asked to vote on their favorites in each of the Blawg 100’s 12 categories. Voting ends Jan. 2, 2008. But enough.

One of my favorite legal blogs (which is much better than mine, no question) doesn’t appear on the list. It’s Marc Randazza’s The Legal Satyricon. It never ceases to entertain and educate. Plus he says stuff that I’m too chicken to say. Think Larry David meets Giuseppe Peano meets the Judiciary.

I know that the ABA Journal’s list is limited to “blawgs.” If, however, the list had included traditional sites, one would have been the First Amendment Center. It’s home to heavy-hitting scholars like David L. Hudson, Jr. and Charles C. Haynes. At David’s Web site you’ll find his books covering topics from sports to courts. Impressive and entertaining.

Anyway, I’m flattered to learn that my blawg has, at least, 2 readers. Very cool.

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