Breasts are not genitalia, and drivers don’t gawk at the word ‘love’ — a First Amendment problem,” is the title of an Althouse post. In case you’re wondering, the buttocks is not genitalia either, although some have believed it so.

Millions May Be at Stake in Suit Over Hit NBC Game Show” appears in a article, which begins:

Text messages, cell phones, TV game shows, Howie Mandel — none of these could have been contemplated by Georgia’s colonial lawmakers when they first passed a law allowing gamblers to recover their losses through lawsuits.

The current version of the law, found at Office of Contract and Grant Administration §13-8-3, is at the center of a case against NBC Universal and the producer of Mandel’s hit show, “Deal or No Deal,” to be heard Tuesday before the state Supreme Court.”

Strip-club mogul remains an enigma,” appears in tomorrow’s edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. It’s about Jack Galardi:

Welcome to Galardi Nation, a smoky, windowless empire that stretches like a plus-size G-string from Nevada to Florida to the Carolinas, at times numbering two dozen clubs. Five operate in metro Atlanta, including the just-opened Pink Pony South, in Forest Park, with its two-tier showroom and upstairs sushi bar.

While his dancers are on full display, the 76-year-old Galardi remains one of the most successful and controversial local moguls you’ve likely never heard of.

My firm has represented Mr. Galardi’s interests over the years; I’m a fan. It’s a nice article.

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  1. Alex Long says:

    i always watch Deal or No Deal during my past time, what a great show and a great host,’”

  2. “deal or no deal” was one of the biggest game show ever on TV`.`

  3. Pine Desk · says:

    Deal Or No Deal is one of the best shows that i always watch, i love the briefcase girls too ”

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