Georgia’s wine sales to go online

Georgia winemakers want your home address and (unexpired) MasterCard number.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports here that, “[s]tarting July 1, Georgia residents can have any winery ship to them up to 12 cases a year as long as someone 21 or older signs for the shipment.” Awesome! Because shipments to the front door were previously off-limits, leaving hard-to-find bottles and wines not represented by local distributors out of reach, this measure is sure to help Georgia’s upstart wineries. Yes, that’s right — Georgia has wineries. Here are the ones mentioned in the article:

Says the co-owner of Persimmon Creek Vineyards, Mary Ann Hardman, “I think Thomas Jefferson would be quite thrilled with the passage of this law, as he had wines from Chateau Rausan-Segla and Chateau d’Yquem shipped directly to him as president and then in his retirement at Monticello. He even had a muscadine from North Carolina shipped directly to his Palladian-framed doorstep.” I’m not sure how TJ would have felt about online wine shipping, but I know that the Christian Coalition is not opposing this bill, as it did the proposed Sunday Sales legislation. That’s according to this article from BeverageWorld.

I’ve written about Georgia’s regulation of online wine sales for The Hudspeth Report.

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