A new alcohol-law blog

You’re in the alcohol biz. You develop a pumpkin spice cream liqueur. Yummy. (Okay, not so yummy.) Your savvy ad firm whips up a label. Guess what? Before you can market and distribute your alcohol-pumpkin-mash in this country, the federal government must approve the formula and label.    

Robert C. Lehrman is the principal of Lehrman Beverage Law. According to his firm’s Web site, they have extensive experience in reviewing and advising about advertisements (print, TV, radio and Web) of alcoholic beverages to make sure they comply with relevant federal, state and industry rules. From that experience comes Mr. Lehrman’s new blog, bevlog, where they’re reviewing labels coming out of the TTB (over 100,000 per year) and ferreting out the newsworthy ones.

Some funny stuff pops up:

It’s kinda like a patent library, but for alcoholic beverages. A recipe for humor, for sure.

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