An argument for getting that cell phone away from your head

Gayle, Kristine and Angela sued the City of Chicago, challenging the constitutionality of its ordinance that prohibits the use of wireless telephones without a “hands-free” device while driving a motor vehicle. How do you think that suit fared? Good job. Judge Wood (my prediction for the next SCOTUS Junior Justice) began the opinion like this: “The district court also denied the plaintiffs’ request for leave to amend their complaint on the basis that any amendment would be frivolous. See FED. R. CIV. P. 15(a). The district court was right: this case has no legs whatever.”

I’d recently been feeling guilty — read “sinful” — for my “hands un-free” driving. So much so that last week I went blue-tooth. (“I got blue teeth” just doesn’t sound right.) I wonder if the three amigas are panning today’s ruling on the road.

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