Residential Gambling

Last month, Ryan Thomas Deiter of Front Royal participated in a poker tournament at a house.

Apparently it didn’t go well. Now a Warren County Circuit Court grand jury will decide whether to indict Mr. Deiter for “abduction by force, robbery and use of a firearm after forcing another participant to leave the game at gunpoint and taking between $700 and $1,000 from the man who had been holding the money.” Not good manners, granted. As Ben Orcutt for reports here, though, “The incident has drawn interest about whether such a card game was legal in the first place. In [one lawyer's] opinion, if poker was being played and not games of chance, then the game was probably legal.”

So which endeavor requires more skill: Winning your office pool’s March Madness bracket? Or beating Mr. Deiter in five-card stud? Bonus question: For which contest should you probably wear a kevlar uniform?

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