The Hubbub with StubHub!

The resale of tickets to sports, concerts, and other events usually is illegal in Illinois, if the tickets fetch more than the original price. 720 ILCS 375/1.5(a). Resale at a premium is called scalping, and rules that forbid it even when the events’ promoters are content to allow resale have puzzled economists.

That is how Chief Judge Easterbrook begins today’s opinion analyzing the City of Chicago’s case against StubHub!, ”which operates an Internet auction site [that] has registered with the appropriate officials and permits its clients to resell tickets to events in Illinois.”

A good read.

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  1. Steve Combs says:

    My favorite line:

    “The title of the Internet Tax Freedom Act is more promising. As with most statutes, however, the details are more complex than the title portends.”

    Story of my life.

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