Beer, Bikes & Bans has 16 passengers, pedals, a bar and loud music?

Answer: a bierbike, a pedal-and-alcohol-fuelled contraption which can often be seen swerving along the streets of German cities. But now a court has banned the party wagons amid fears that inebriated passengers could tumble onto the road.

That’s the opening to this article from Spielgel Online (International). [Tip of the Hat: NPR.]

I’m admittedly hypocritical when it comes to ’going green’ and commuting. I drive a fairly energy-efficient car, but I groan when stuck behind a fleet of bikers. (Atlanta’s roads are not pedestrian- or biker-friendly, you see.) If, during my work commute, I found myself behind a “beer bike,” I’d probably not groan; I’d be too fascinated.

At least until I ran over my first fallen imbiber.

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