Alcohol Regulation Roundup …

… is the title of this handy post from Michelle Minton for

Among other tidbits, we learn that, in “Colorado, the newly elected governor, John Hickenlooper, gives those pushing for full-strength beer in grocery stores little hope”; “In Illinois, Crain’s Chicago Business released their investigative report that shows big distributors of beer are employing illegal pay-to-play tactics and shutting out craft brews from the Chicago beverage market”; and “In Tennessee, regulators are getting wise to the unintended consequence of their out-dated laws that limit the alcohol by volume of beer sold in grocery store to brew under 6.3 percent abv when border-state Georgia allows beer up to 14 percent abv.”

I’ve known about this last item for awhile. (I live in Georgia.) Border wars are great. All is not lost, Tennessee. You’re beating Georgia on the fireworks front. Because I occasionally enjoy a nice Belgian ale (alcohol-by-volume > 6.3%) with my dinner, and because I do not occasionally enjoy a nice, homemade pyrotechnic display for dessert, I’m just fine with losing that battle.

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