Sweepstakes and Guns and Bars

A couple of articles caught my eye today.

First, there’s this article (by Demorris A. Lee) appearing online in today’s St. Petersburg Times. It begins:

A federal judge’s ruling on whether the constitutional rights of a Pinellas County sweepstakes cafe owner were violated when deputies shut down her business could affect efforts to press criminal charges against sweepstakes cafe owners for operating gambling establishments.

You can read the complaint. Though I’m sympathetic to the constitutional claims, I doubt that the plaintiffs will obtain injunctive relief at this stage. Federal courts are ultra-sensitive to state law-enforcement efforts. But hey. I’ve been wrong before.

Second, there’s this article, entitled “Carrying guns in bars to become legal on Friday,” appearing at Cincinnati.com. Under the State of Ohio’s revised statute, people are no longer prohibited from carrying their concealed firearms into roughly 17,000 facilities where alcohol is served and consumed. What could possibly go wrong?

Some residents, police and business owners worry about the new law that allows guns in liquor establishments. But a state lawmaker and gun-rights advocates assert that, as long as gun owners abide by the law, they anticipate few, if any, problems. [The italics are mine.]

That, my friends, is called circular logic. And I’m using the term “logic” loosely.

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