Alito & First Amendment protection for sexual expression

A superb essay by Robert Corn-Revere here.

Gamble pays off

In Baltimore “[p]rosecutors said they will drop charges against 80 poker players arrested after what police called the biggest gambling raid in the city since Prohibition. Prosecutors said police quoted the wrong statute when charging the players, and if all the cases went to trial, it could overburden an already stressed court system.” Read about [...]

City "erroneously" issues zoning permit

“City-county officials made a $300,000 mistake when they gave landowner Gordon Greene a permit to build a strip club in Winston-Salem and then told him months later to shut down construction,” argues the club’s owner here. The club’s owner believes that the officials should either let his club open or compensate him (and his investors) [...]

Strip club owners hope to force vote on new rules

If Seattle’s premier strip club owners have any say, voters will decide whether brighter lights, tip jars and a four-foot distance between dancers and customers should be required in Seattle’s adult cabarets. A coalition of adult entertainment clubs wants to overturn (by referendum) a restrictive ordinance which was narrowly approved by the City Council last [...]

Defending adult entertainment

An interesting article here about feminism and adult entertainment. Some might find this notion counterintuitive: “[T]here have been several studies, conducted in countries like Denmark, Sweden and Germany, which establish just the opposite – that an increase in sex-related entertainment is not positively correlated to an increase in sex-related crimes. These studies, published in the [...]

Canada’s Supreme Court rules strip club can’t blast music on street

“Peace, order and good government have triumphed over nude dancing and rock ‘n’ roll in a showdown in the country’s highest court,” or so opines one reporter here. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled a Montreal strip club can’t claim a constitutional right to broadcast its music onto the street outside to attract customers. You [...]

They’re giving ‘em away

A new piece of Pennsylvania legislation requires state gambling regulators to list on a Web site who cannot give political contributions. Read about this interesting collision between the First Amendment and gambling rights here.

Girls Gone Wild, sorta

A South Carolina nightclub’s liquor license renewal was denied by an administrative law judge, who reasoned that issuing the license would be “detrimental to the community,” as reported here. The club’s troubles began earlier this year when it was forced to defend a public nuisance action. The public nuisance hearing centered on the club’s wet [...]

Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

“The principal issue presented in this case is whether the Kansas unlawful voluntary sexual relations statute, K.S.A. 2004 Supp. 21-3522, violates the equal protection provision of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Matthew Limon argues that the United States Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558, 156 L. Ed. 2d [...]

U.S. seeks reinstatement of obscenity charges against porn-seller

“Federal prosecutors trying to salvage one of the government’s biggest obscenity cases this decade asked an appeals court Wednesday to reinstate obscenity charges against a couple who sold pornographic videos depicting simulated rape and murder,” as reported here. Ever since Stanley v. Georgia, 394 U.S. 557 (1969), the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized that the [...]