Getting a license to open an adult store in Wichita is fairly simple

Or so reports this article. As you’ll learn, not exactly.


It’s no surprise that more and more watering holes are getting into the poker biz, especially given the rage known as Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments. The problem, some are finding, is the oft-fuzzy line between illegal gambling and licensed raffling. One Colorado bar & grill is taking the chance — forgive me — that its [...]

FCC Launches Obscenity Info Site

If you’re worried that American culture is slouching toward Gommorah, you’ll want to visit the FCC’s new site here. As reported in this article, the FCC’s new site answers questions on several topics, ranging from how a consumer can determine the status of a complaint he or she filed to what makes material obscene, indecent [...]

Gotta cut loose

Life might have imitated art in this sleepy town that doesn’t take kindly to dirty dancing. According to this Fourth Circuit opinion, “Willis danced in a sexually provocative manner — gyrating and simulating sexual intercourse with her partner while ‘hunch[ed]‘ on the floor…. Willis wore very short skirts and would frequently bend over while dancing, [...]

Bush to give casinos a tax break

“I do not have the words to express the depth of my disappointment in learning … that your administration is planning to provide the gambling industry in the Gulf region with special tax breaks,” laments one House of Representatives member here. A fair critique, IMHO. I recognize the allure of supply-side economics, but really. How [...]

Mob lawyer indicted

Reported here. The article reports that criminal attorney Larry Bronson “used his position as an attorney to unlawfully assist La Cosa Nostra in its criminal activities and to obstruct justice on its behalf. Specifically, Bronson, together with Kaplan, who is a known associate of the Gambino family, engaged in repeated acts of witness intimidation and [...]

Seattle Considers Ban on Lap Dances

“Strippers who venture too near the laps of their dollar-bill-waving patrons have exposed an unexpected prudish streak in this West Coast bastion of tolerance and liberalism,” the AP reports here. Given that the City of Seattle was just admonished in federal court for imposing a 17-year moratorium on adult entertainment applications (ruling available here), this [...]

And on the seventh day …

“The Super Bowl Sunday party at O’Charley’s restaurant will be a little more ‘traditional’ in February, with plenty of finger foods, cheering fans, and — for the first time ever in Hopkinsville — cold beer,” as reported here. Laws which prohibit alcoholic beverage sales on Sundays remain on the books in several states, notably those [...]

Scalia: America Must ‘Tolerate’ Porn

Read the article here.

Strip club in Erie Township petitions for zoning change

This town’s zoning restrictions limit adult businesses to operating within a C-2 commercial zoning where there isn’t a residential property line within 1,200 feet. “The problem with the ordinance,” according to this article, “is that those particular set of requirements don’t exist anywhere within the township.” Phantom zoning is not uncommon in the adult entertainment [...]