Let there be casinos. Or not.

“Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has called a special session…, during which state lawmakers will debate letting Gulf Coast casinos build on land,” as reported here. Not everybody is happy about the possibility of casinos coming ashore, however. According to the article, “[C]hairman Don Wildmon of the Mississippi-based American Family Association, is hopeful the special session [...]

And they’re off.

A would-be church and would-be strip club are jockeying for permission from a town planning board to break ground on their respective structures, as reported here. The strip club applicant, who needs a zoning change, has accused the board of stalling. The church applicant, who needs a flood plain permit, has expressed opposition to the [...]

Prior restraint challenge gutted on standing issue

The plaintiff in this case applied for a nightclub license. But the county denied his application because, it said, the establishment was more appropriately categorized as an adult business (which, presumably, is subject to tighter regulations). The plaintiff sued and argued that the county’s adult entertainment ordinance imposed an impermissible prior restraint. To paraphrase ESPN‘s [...]

I’m your private dancer

“Police issued a citation to a Rocky Mount strip club owner Thursday, charging him with allowing private dances behind closed doors,” according to this article. And you thought that “dancing in the streets” caused a ruckus.

French Quarter’s First Strip Club Reopens

“Reuters reports the erotic dancers and strippers are now entertaining audiences of police, firefighters and military personnel,” according to this article.


Apparently police have had enough nude dancing — errr…, I mean illegal prescription drug sales — at one North Carolina strip club. According to this article, undercover police (posing as customers) investigated the club for over 3 months, during which time they were “offered sex and small amounts of various drugs.” Then they raided the [...]

May I see some identification, please?

This article confirms that which we already knew: running underage-alcohol-sales stings in a college town is like shooting fish … well, you know. It matters not that this sting was run in the U.S. Naval Academy’s backyard.

Sex, Drugs & Rock-n-Roll

That’s an apt description, some might say, of my law practice niche. I represent a variety of entertainment industry clients, including restaurants, nightclubs and concert venues. It’s challenging work at times, especially when it comes to repesenting those who offer adult entertainment. As far as I can tell, only WalMart and land fills consistently generate [...]