Don’t tread on my hops & grapes.

“Alcohol Bill Means ‘Happy Hour’ for Lobbyists” is the title of this article by Carrie Levine, appearing on today. She writes: Trade associations and lobbyists for alcohol manufacturers such as MillerCoors, Anheuser-Busch, Heineken and Diageo are brawling with their wholesale distributors over a bill that would strengthen states’ ability to regulate alcohol and make it [...]

It’s just business …

Today the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued this opinion. The case, styled Flava Works, Inc. v. City of Miami, concerns “, which operates an internet-based website of the same name. The CocoDorm website transmits images, via webcam, of the residents of 503 Northeast 27th Street, Miami, Florida, over the internet.” The question is whether Flava [...]

Showdown in Missouri

“The Show Me state is headed for a showdown over a move to rein in the adult-entertainment industry at a time when every job counts—even those of strippers,” reports Joe Barrett for the here.  According to the article, Missouri’s “Republican-controlled legislature [recently] passed one of the nation’s toughest state laws aimed at strip clubs and other adult-entertainment venues. It [...]

It never ends

That’s what they say about parenthood — Happy Father’s Day. Here’ an unpublished opinion issued last Friday by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. A little background: In 1994, El Paso Entertainment (a strip club) sued the City of El Paso, challenging the validity of its zoning ordinances regulating Sexually Oriented Businesses. Before that issue could be resolved, the City and [...]

Can you hear me now?

The City of Laguna Beach has an amplified sound ordinance, which bans the use of a bullhorn (a) within 100 yards of a school 30 minutes before or after the dismissal bell, and (b) within 100 yards of City Hall. The law is being challenged. In this opinion, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the [...]

Church v. Liquor

Yesterday the Louisiana’s Court of Appeal (Second Circuit) issued this opinion. It begins: We granted rehearing to further review whether the Shreveport City Council (the “City Council” or “City”) abused its discretion when it reversed the decision of the Zoning Board of Appeals (the “ZBA”) which granted the special exception use to Roland Toups for his [...]

I’m Really Sorry: but here’s your 1099.

“The IRS is finally cracking down on the way strip clubs give $10 to $100 in bonuses to taxi and limo drivers for every customer they deliver. In a month or two, the IRS is expected to demand that strip clubs give 1099 forms to drivers.” That’s how this article by noted columnist Doug Elfman for [...]

On Strip Bars and the Constitution …

… is the title of this article by Ashby Jones for The Wall Street Journal‘s Law Blog. The entry addresses yesterday’s argument before the Texas Supreme Court concerning whether Texas’ “pole tax” on strip clubs’ patrons runs afoul of the First Amendment’s freedom of expression. I mentioned the issue earlier. Enjoy the weekend.

How much is that lawn mower in the window?

Paul Braley (“Braley”) has a leasehold interest in property in Forest Park, Georgia, where he operates a retail salvage store. Since 1984, he has displayed merchandise for sale to the public in front of the store in an area where there is a sidewalk and places to park. In March 2007, the City of Forest [...]

Residential Gambling

Last month, Ryan Thomas Deiter of Front Royal participated in a poker tournament at a house. Apparently it didn’t go well. Now a Warren County Circuit Court grand jury will decide whether to indict Mr. Deiter for “abduction by force, robbery and use of a firearm after forcing another participant to leave the game at gunpoint and taking between [...]