So it’s gonna be one of those days …

Well, there’s an app for that: Sazerac Ice 1 sugar cube 1 ounce water 2 ounces rye whiskey (preferably Sazerac) A few drops Herbsaint or Absinthe Lemon zest “Fill a rocks glass with ice and water and set it aside. Drop a sugar cube into a separate rocks glass and splash with bitters and the water. Muddle [...]

May I rent your stage?

To hear Quansa Thompson talk of her life as an exotic dancer, to listen to her describe how men offer cash as she sashays, gyrates and jiggles the night away, is to evoke a thousand titillating thoughts, not a single one having anything to do with the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. That [...]

Sex sells. But don’t tell anyone.

I’m a fan of Mad Men. Friends got me hooked; NetFlix feeds my fix. How would Don Draper and the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency handle these industry issues? Stripper mobile grinds to a halt Appeals court reinstates limits on brothel ads I’m not sure what Don & Co. would do. I bet they’d smoke a little. Drink a little. Repeat. [...]

Timing is everything

This case requires us to resolve an interesting and surprisingly unanswered question of First Amendment law: whether the constitutionality of a zoning ordinance should only be evaluated with regard to the “alternative avenues of communication” it leaves open at the time it is passed, or also those it leaves open at the time it is [...]

Faith in the rule of law

“Outrage over a 20-foot, anatomically correct stallion outside a strip club in rural northern Mississippi could lead to a new law allowing counties to regulate such establishments,” begins this article by Shelia Byrd in BusinessWeek. According to the article, the bill would give Mississippi’s 82 counties the option to draft regulations for strip clubs that [...]

Traffic Jamming

“The Federal Communications Commission fined Rocky Mountain Radar for producing two types of police radar jammers. The Commission alleged that the jammers harmfully interfered with authorized radio communications – a violation of FCC regulations,” begins this opinion from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued today.  As framed, the issue “is whether C450 and S201 are ‘intentional radiators’ [...]

Ding Ding Ding: We have a loser

Let’s say that one day, you’re banned from a casino (for hitting a slot machine and breaking its “belly glass”). Years later, somehow, you’ve worked yourself back into that casino (hitting the slots and winning thousands). How, exactly, should you cash in those chips?   The issue: Whether a casino (here, Prairie Meadows) had the authority to [...]

Strip club’s stewardship disappoints family watchgroup

When Cowboy’s applied for a liquor license, “[o]pponents, including WyWatch Family Action members, crowded commission meetings for the initial approval in September 2008 and for the renewal in February 2009, saying the establishment[] would cause an increase in sex crimes, exploitation of women, prostitution, and the promotion of obscenity,” reports Tom Martin here for the [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

If you’re planning to … 1. Give her flowers; 2. Give her chocolate; 3. Treat him to dinner & drinks; or 4. Take in a movie … don’t forget where you are.

Don’t mess with Pole Taxes


“The Texas Supreme Court will decide whether the state’s $5 charge on strip club patrons violates the First Amendment right of free expression,” begins this article by Chuck Lindell for Austin Legal. Last June, Texas’s Third Court of Appeals in Austin issued a 2-1 ruling affirming a 2008 decision by state trial court to strike down the [...]