Michigan man files lawsuit over high price of movie popcorn

That’s the title of this article, which appeared in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times (online). Potential Client: So anyway, after adding the hot butter (and up-sizing to an extra-large fountain soda), the bill was, like, huge!  Lawyer: Yes. And your point? Potential Client: Do I have a case? Lawyer: No. Oh wait. That’s how the conversation should have [...]

Is the consumption of liquor both a moral obligation and a sacred right?

I doubt it. But don’t tell that to a group known as “Ethereal Enigmatic Euphoric Movement towards Civilized Hedonism, LTD.” That group sued the State of Idaho in federal court: The Complaint alleges that Plaintiff is an organization comprised of individuals who believe that the “consumption of distilled spirits is both [a] moral obligation and sacred [...]

How tattoo parlors can fight the war on terror

Not too long ago, a tattoo parlor in Florida received this flyer from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. The flyer begins by stating, “[i]t is important to remember the application of body art, including symbols commonly associated with extremist ideology, may be an exercise of the right of free speech or expression.” It ends by stating “[i]t is [...]

This Friday’s featured cocktail …


… comes in psuedo-scientific format — The Bloody Mary: [source] Read Adam Cole’s mouth-watering, chemical write-up of The Bloody Mary at NPR.org.

An alternative to double-secret probation

An opinion issued today by the First Circuit Court of Appeals begins: The town of Narragansett (the Town), a sleepy seaside community in southern Rhode Island, boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the eastern seaboard. Each summer, the Town experiences a substantial influx of seasonal residents. Each fall, the Town empties out, leaving [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

My favorite online comic strip says it better. [Thank YOU, Basic Instructions!] –Cary

Beer, Bikes & Bans


What has 16 passengers, pedals, a bar and loud music? Answer: a bierbike, a pedal-and-alcohol-fuelled contraption which can often be seen swerving along the streets of German cities. But now a court has banned the party wagons amid fears that inebriated passengers could tumble onto the road. That’s the opening to this article from Spielgel [...]

Porn Lawyer

Do I have your attention? A new drama series from CBS, “The Defenders,” begins this fall. Billed by CBS as “an irreverent new legal drama about two fiery and charismatic Las Vegas defense attorneys,” the show will star Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belushi. But those actors aren’t who have me interested: [T]he character that apparently will be responsible for [...]

So it’s gonna be one of those days …

Well, there’s an app for that: Sazerac Ice 1 sugar cube 1 ounce water 2 ounces rye whiskey (preferably Sazerac) A few drops Herbsaint or Absinthe Lemon zest “Fill a rocks glass with ice and water and set it aside. Drop a sugar cube into a separate rocks glass and splash with bitters and the water. Muddle [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

If you’re planning to … 1. Give her flowers; 2. Give her chocolate; 3. Treat him to dinner & drinks; or 4. Take in a movie … don’t forget where you are.