Free speech for all! Even douche bags.

danny b

View that protest sign and the other ”Funniest Protest Signs of 2009,” courtesy of The Huffington Post. Thanks to one of my “he’s-so-multi-talented-he-makes-you-feel-inadequate” friends, Daniel Breckenridge, for the tip.

Beer Run

‘Tis the season of holiday parties and family gatherings. Ingrates, in-laws and inebriants. Yes, alcoholic beverages [read "social lubricants"] can sometimes help you get through this season. Sometimes. Whatever your state of mind, if you’re running low on libations (and want more), do not send this gentleman on the beer run. Otherwise you might get thirsty.

Air time, wasted time

Did you catch the American Music Awards last week? Liberty Counsel did. And it, whoever it is, is not happy. It has formally complained to the FCC about the broadcast. Why? Well At the close of the show, Adam Lambert performed. The Lambert performance featured, among other things, simulated oral sex, suggestive crotch grabbing, simulated digital penetration, [...]


whiskey prescription

“Amsterdam may be losing American tourists in the near future because now, it is always 4:20 in Portland, Oregon. The Cannibis Café opened last week in Portland, Oregon. This place serves food and marijuana. It is the first of its kind in the nation. It can house up to 100 patrons,” reports Digital City here. [...]

An argument for getting that cell phone away from your head

Gayle, Kristine and Angela sued the City of Chicago, challenging the constitutionality of its ordinance that prohibits the use of wireless telephones without a “hands-free” device while driving a motor vehicle. How do you think that suit fared? Good job. Judge Wood (my prediction for the next SCOTUS Junior Justice) began the opinion like this: “The [...]

Saggy Pants Law Struck Down …

… is the title of this post by my good friend and peer, Marc J. Randazza, over at The Legal Satyricon. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of joining Marc and Jennifer Kinsley on the legal panel for Adult Entertainment Expo 2009. A blast, I say! I spent that weekend ”people watching” — and, I confess, feeling quite vanilla about [...]

Utah’s alcohol laws

In his article “Bars are about more than drinking,” Daniel Levin ponders Utah’s current private club laws.  Which, he notes, “are most often derided because they are so inconvenient and so irrational as to be maddening. But,” he believes, ”they are most offensive for their chilling effect on Americans’ constitutional right of free association.” Mr. Levin makes a [...]

The effword.

Over at Language Log, Chris Potts has a great post entitled, ”The Connotations of the F-word.” He begins with a “connotations hypothesis,” being that ”a word’s connotations are reflected in the words that it tends to co-occur with.” Which words is the F-word most commonly associted with? Is it really all about sex? F*ck no.

A new alcohol-law blog

You’re in the alcohol biz. You develop a pumpkin spice cream liqueur. Yummy. (Okay, not so yummy.) Your savvy ad firm whips up a label. Guess what? Before you can market and distribute your alcohol-pumpkin-mash in this country, the federal government must approve the formula and label.     Robert C. Lehrman is the principal of Lehrman Beverage Law. According to his firm’s Web site, they have extensive [...]

Burning movies for (and to be) content

Imagine your church congregation buys a once-was, drive-in movie theater (to use as a “meeting place”), only to find, after the sale, that the theater’s old projection room houses 100 or so canisters of pornography from the 1970s and 1980s. To some that would be a sweet dream. To others, more like a nightmare. To the “Members of Christ [...]