No fireworks at the ATF

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has made news in recent weeks. Last month a federal judge denied an ATF agent’s motion for summary judgment in a First Amendment retaliation case out of Pensacola, Florida. (HT: ACLU of Florida.) The plaintiff, Ms. Karen Kilpatrick, claims that the ATF agent (and others) violated her First and Fourth Amendment rights [...]

Read Read Wine


Here’s an article I wrote for a superb publication, e-Commerce Law & Strategy. (I’ve clipped the newsletter to show my article only; if you’re interested in reading other articles in the September newsletter, you’ll need to subscribe.)  My article is about wine shipping. I was inspired after a recent visit to San Francisco, and the idea that I must have wine shipped [...]

Everything is new(d) again

I’ve been working and playing. My playtime has been with our first baby, Ms. Audrey Jane Wiggins. She’s a hoot. Born on January 8, she’s been a non-stop machine, keeping her parents (especially mom) busy changing, feeding, rocking, gazing and laughing. I love it when Audrey smiles, even if the grin’s just a “gas release,” [...]

Insight from the Inside: Dissenting Opinions

This past Sunday (10/21) I attended the Leo & Berry Eizenstat Memorial Lecture at the Ahavath Achim Syngogue. The guest of honor? None other than The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg. What a superb Sunday outing. You can read about the speech here. Justice Ginsburg spoke about the importance of dissenting opinions and the role that [...]


Linked via The Legal Reader, Larry Flynt on Jerry Falwell. Another angle here by USA Today. Strip Club Bill a Waste of Time, courtesy of Ohio’s In related news, perhaps, poll shows that “[a]lmost half of Ohioans admit to visiting a strip club,” as reported by the Dayton Daily News.