Air time, wasted time

Did you catch the American Music Awards last week? Liberty Counsel did. And it, whoever it is, is not happy. It has formally complained to the FCC about the broadcast. Why? Well At the close of the show, Adam Lambert performed. The Lambert performance featured, among other things, simulated oral sex, suggestive crotch grabbing, simulated digital penetration, [...]

Burning movies for (and to be) content

Imagine your church congregation buys a once-was, drive-in movie theater (to use as a “meeting place”), only to find, after the sale, that the theater’s old projection room houses 100 or so canisters of pornography from the 1970s and 1980s. To some that would be a sweet dream. To others, more like a nightmare. To the “Members of Christ [...]

Dem is fight’n words

This free-speech lawsuit requires us to determine the present scope of the “fighting words”doctrine. The setting is a neighborhood feud. The case features an unsightly, 38-foot recreational vehicle stored on a residential driveway in suburban Chicago, a neighborhood petition drive to force its removal, and a derogatory Halloween yard display erected in retaliation against the [...]

If you can’t beat ‘em, buy ‘em

The City of Warren (a suburb of Detroit) has bought an adult bookstore: The city of Warren has been known to purchase private businesses to aid long-term development goals. But city officials broke new ground with their recent purchase of an adult bookstore. The rare move has given the city ownership of Book World, the [...]

Love Naught War

From Dr. Marty Klein’s Sexual Intelligence (a wonderful blog), comes this this post: When Language is More Important than War. It’s more on PBS’s deliberation to self-censor the broadcast of Ken Burns’ 14-hour documentary on WWII (which contains four instances of profanity — war is ugly, after all) amid concerns from the Parents Television Council. [...]


It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s … a stripper? Granted, not exactly high heroics here, but some “strippers” at the Deja Vu club in Nashville were suspicious of $100 bills and called the police after a patron spent $600 of them. The man, who “authorities say used his computer to make fake $100 bills [...]