More States Allowing Guns in Bars

That’s the title to this provocative article (written by Malcolm Gay) appearing in The New York Times this week. He writes: Happy-hour beers were going for $5 at Past Perfect, a cavernous bar just off this city’s strip of honky-tonks and tourist shops when Adam Ringenberg walked in with a loaded 9-millimeter pistol in the [...]

The Seventh Circuit hears Annex Books (again)

Yesterday the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals entertained argument in Annex Books, Inc. v. City of Indianapolis. (I’ve mentioned the case before.) The City appealed from an order granting a preliminary injunction to the bookstores. The panel, which included Chief Judge Easterbrook and Judge Rovner, did not tip its hand. But I don’t think that the City will unravel [...]

I Heart ___!

That’s a template for a tattoo. If your id prevails, you can get tattooed somewhere in Hermosa Beach (beautiful, as I recall). How do I know?  Because the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals told us so: We address a question of first impression in our circuit: whether a municipal ban on tattoo parlors violates the [...]

It’s just business …

Today the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued this opinion. The case, styled Flava Works, Inc. v. City of Miami, concerns “, which operates an internet-based website of the same name. The CocoDorm website transmits images, via webcam, of the residents of 503 Northeast 27th Street, Miami, Florida, over the internet.” The question is whether Flava [...]

Showdown in Missouri

“The Show Me state is headed for a showdown over a move to rein in the adult-entertainment industry at a time when every job counts—even those of strippers,” reports Joe Barrett for the here.  According to the article, Missouri’s “Republican-controlled legislature [recently] passed one of the nation’s toughest state laws aimed at strip clubs and other adult-entertainment venues. It [...]

Can you hear me now?

The City of Laguna Beach has an amplified sound ordinance, which bans the use of a bullhorn (a) within 100 yards of a school 30 minutes before or after the dismissal bell, and (b) within 100 yards of City Hall. The law is being challenged. In this opinion, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the [...]

Sex sells. But don’t tell anyone.

I’m a fan of Mad Men. Friends got me hooked; NetFlix feeds my fix. How would Don Draper and the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency handle these industry issues? Stripper mobile grinds to a halt Appeals court reinstates limits on brothel ads I’m not sure what Don & Co. would do. I bet they’d smoke a little. Drink a little. Repeat. [...]

Timing is everything

This case requires us to resolve an interesting and surprisingly unanswered question of First Amendment law: whether the constitutionality of a zoning ordinance should only be evaluated with regard to the “alternative avenues of communication” it leaves open at the time it is passed, or also those it leaves open at the time it is [...]

Faith in the rule of law

“Outrage over a 20-foot, anatomically correct stallion outside a strip club in rural northern Mississippi could lead to a new law allowing counties to regulate such establishments,” begins this article by Shelia Byrd in BusinessWeek. According to the article, the bill would give Mississippi’s 82 counties the option to draft regulations for strip clubs that [...]


Location schmocation. A couple of items in the news. First, a provocative piece from the talented David Hudson of the First Amendment Center, entitled “Obscenity online: Do we need a national standard?” Second, the Iowa Court of Appeals delivered this decision yesterday. Iowa charged Clarence Judy, owner of a strip club in Hamburg, Iowa, with three counts of [...]