Bail bonding companies: do they get one call?

I love bail bonding cases. Having represented several bounty hunters and bail bondspersons over the years, I can tell you that they are their own breed of cat. (Did you think I’d say “dog”?) The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decided this case yesterday. It concerns two bail bondsmen who challenged a Texas statute which [...]

The F Bomb

If you’re the sensitive-type, put on your blinders … “Take a guess what they sell at Or just go to the site,” begins this article by Jeffrey C. Billman of the Orlando Weekly. The article features an Orlando attorney, Marc Randazza (who also happens to be a good friend) and his client’s plight to [...]

The FCC is bleep’n wrong

As The Hollywood Reporter reports here, “The federal appeals court in New York on Monday tossed out a key FCC indecency ruling that said a slip of the tongue gets broadcasters a fine for indecency, telling the commission that it failed to give a good reason for its decision and couldn’t likely find a good [...]

Can you hear me now?

This opinion from the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals concerns an open-atrium nightclub in Miami which, apparently, likes to play music. But the club’s neighbors (or some of them) don’t like to listen. The plaintiffs argued that the City’s noise ordinance was facially unconstitutional. The court disagreed. If you’re listening, it’s “Plaintiffs 0, Miami-Dade County [...]