Residential Gambling

Last month, Ryan Thomas Deiter of Front Royal participated in a poker tournament at a house. Apparently it didn’t go well. Now a Warren County Circuit Court grand jury will decide whether to indict Mr. Deiter for “abduction by force, robbery and use of a firearm after forcing another participant to leave the game at gunpoint and taking between [...]

Ding Ding Ding: We have a loser

Let’s say that one day, you’re banned from a casino (for hitting a slot machine and breaking its “belly glass”). Years later, somehow, you’ve worked yourself back into that casino (hitting the slots and winning thousands). How, exactly, should you cash in those chips?   The issue: Whether a casino (here, Prairie Meadows) had the authority to [...]

Are these dogs commiting a crime?


“Is a friendly, private poker game ‘illegal gambling’?” Rick Alm answered that murky question (sorta) in the Lucky Numbers gambling blog last week (courtesy of The Kansas City Star). Bad doggies.

You sue, you suffer: First Amendment Retaliation

Yet another “gambling” with machine case. Here’s the story: Art Dowling owns Magic Money in Barberton, Ohio. His business provides a number of gaming machines for customers to play on its premises. The Barberton police investigate Magic Money and obtain a search warrant. A search ensues, and officers seize 44 gaming machines, $13, 000+ cash, business records, equipment and [...]

Customer wins video-poker credits, Saloon loses liquor license

Although this opinion was issued in July, it was only recently published. (Which is how I found it.) Here are the CliffsNotes: The Boom Town Saloon has a video poker machine. A Chicago vice officer, while enjoying a beverage at the saloon, noticed a patron using the video machine. He ”watched the patron insert money into the machine [...]

Slots & Sovereignty

It’s a video poker case. Over at SCOTUSblog, they’re betting that that it is taken up by the Supreme Court. I won’t (meaning, I can’t) handicap the odds. The case concerns Jimmy Martin and his company, Lucky Strike, which have sought to enjoin enforcement of two South Carolina statutes criminalizing certain “device[s] pertaining to games [...]

Liquor Law Watch

This decision comes down from the Montana Supreme Court. It concerns one bar’s effort to transfer its liquor license to a soon-to-be casino in Great Falls. Before issuing the license, Montana’s Department of Revenue (“DOR”) published a notice of the license application in the newspaper. Because a number of written protests were received by the [...]

Cockfighting …

… is sport in Louisiana. But “[t]oday, the Louisiana House of Representatives approved a bill to ban any gambling at cockfights, dealing a blow to cockfighting enthusiasts who attend the fights both for the bloodletting and the wagering,” as reported here by Media Newswire. Don’t start counting eggs just yet, though. Some House members believe [...]

Gambling & stuff

Gambling: “State would be winner if it legalizes the game,” opines Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle here. He writes, “Yes, I play poker. And like most poker players in Texas, I’m not sick, sleazy or despicable, and I am certainly no lawbreaker. Well, at times I might be. (A lawbreaker, that is).” Me, too. [...]

Bars & Poker

“Gambling, drugs, sex and, of course, booze – by 1916, 23 of the 48 states, more than half, had passed local prohibitions on alcoholic beverages. It was thus not a big surprise when Prohibition was written into federal law. In 2006, bars can obviously serve booze (although in states like California, they are not allowed [...]