Catching a break this spring

Well … it’s almost spring. The Shark Lounge is a Daytona Beach “bikini bar” that, as the term suggests, offers patrons the opportunity to buy alcoholic beverages while watching female performers dance in bikinis. (The patrons don’t wear the bikinis, you understand.) Bikini bars typically operate where full-fledged adult entertainment or strip clubs cannot.  This might be because the site is [...]

Saggy Pants Law Struck Down …

… is the title of this post by my good friend and peer, Marc J. Randazza, over at The Legal Satyricon. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of joining Marc and Jennifer Kinsley on the legal panel for Adult Entertainment Expo 2009. A blast, I say! I spent that weekend ”people watching” — and, I confess, feeling quite vanilla about [...]


It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s … a stripper? Granted, not exactly high heroics here, but some “strippers” at the Deja Vu club in Nashville were suspicious of $100 bills and called the police after a patron spent $600 of them. The man, who “authorities say used his computer to make fake $100 bills [...]

The F Bomb

If you’re the sensitive-type, put on your blinders … “Take a guess what they sell at Or just go to the site,” begins this article by Jeffrey C. Billman of the Orlando Weekly. The article features an Orlando attorney, Marc Randazza (who also happens to be a good friend) and his client’s plight to [...]

The FCC is bleep’n wrong

As The Hollywood Reporter reports here, “The federal appeals court in New York on Monday tossed out a key FCC indecency ruling that said a slip of the tongue gets broadcasters a fine for indecency, telling the commission that it failed to give a good reason for its decision and couldn’t likely find a good [...]