Sweepstakes and Guns and Bars

A couple of articles caught my eye today. First, there’s this article (by Demorris A. Lee) appearing online in today’s St. Petersburg Times. It begins: A federal judge’s ruling on whether the constitutional rights of a Pinellas County sweepstakes cafe owner were violated when deputies shut down her business could affect efforts to press criminal charges against [...]

Online Gambling

“Online Gambling Wildly Popular, But Legally Suspect,” is the title of this segment on NPR. It’s a good listen.

Call or Push: Internet gambling legislation

“Poker lobbyists are ramping up an aggressive push backed by millions of dollars to legalize Internet gambling in the United States this year, hoping to overcome passionate objections from social conservatives, sports leagues and other longtime opponents,” begins this article by Dan Eggen for The Washington Post. In the article, Eggen describes the supporters of legalized gambling as [...]


“Breasts are not genitalia, and drivers don’t gawk at the word ‘love’ — a First Amendment problem,” is the title of an Althouse post. In case you’re wondering, the buttocks is not genitalia either, although some have believed it so. “Millions May Be at Stake in Suit Over Hit NBC Game Show” appears in a [...]

Will you be arrested for playing online poker?

Read Professor I. Nelson Rose‘s answer here. A glimpse: “I am often asked whether Internet poker is legal. The answer is probably not, but the chances of actually getting into trouble are very slim. How slim? You have a better chance of winning the final no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em tournament at the World Series of [...]

A new ending for Internet gambling?

“The future of all unlicensed forms of internet gambling – from poker to horse racing bets – in at least seven US states was under threat last night after it emerged that the arrest of Peter Dicks, Sportingbet’s British chairman, on Thursday morning at New York’s JFK airport was linked to Louisiana state’s wide-ranging laws [...]