Just around the bend

Improvements abound at the firm. By year’s end, we hope this blog becomes a must-read for those who labor in vice industries — including those who, like me, stand on the sidelines. Talk at you soon.

We’re retooling

You’ve entered a construction zone. Please pardon our progress. We invite you to check back with MtSL early next week for new, comprehensive case discussions and other “legal” commentary. Until then, check out this story (AP) from the The Register-Guard, which begins, “A street preacher ejected from events in downtown Portland has won a free [...]

Let there be sexual devices

In a shameless reference to a citation, I suppose, the Eleventh Circuit for the United States Court of Appeals has determined that Georgia’s obscenity statute (O.C.G.A. Sec. 16-12-80) is in trouble: read the opinion here. Your thoughts are welcome.

Privacy Invasion and Censorship

“Most Americans are always ready to tick off any number of reasons they value their privacy,” writes Paul K. McMasters of the First Amendment Center. He goes on to note, “One of the most important reasons does not come quickly to mind, however, and that is how important personal privacy is to freedom of expression. [...]

Senator demands online porn rating system

“In a week in which the Child Online Protection Act is back in the news, Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, used a committee hearing Thursday to fire a warning toward the adult entertainment industry. ‘My advice to your clients is that you better do it soon or we will mandate it,’ Stevens told Paul Cambria, counsel [...]

Government perplexed by Internet gambling

Read the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review‘s interesting article here. Rich Cholodofsky’s article reports, “[t]he Steelers-Bengals game drew the most betting action last week, according to officials from several Internet gambling companies. Bodog.com, a leading off-shore Internet casino, reported taking in about $3.5 million in wagers on the game and expects to get about $4 million in bets [...]

Alcohol delivered to your corporate doorstep

This decision warms my heart. It concerns a gentleman, Mr. Peter Donovan, who repeatedly applied to the City of Woburn, Massachusetts, for an alcoholic beverage license “so that could operate what he describes as a business selling corporate gift baskets containing high end wines and spirits.” The City denied his applications at every turn, each [...]

Does it really matter?

“Mark Twain offered this quantitative observation about one of his favorite vices – alcohol. ‘Too much,’ he said, ‘is not enough,’” begins this article from the Boca Raton News. The article reports about a Cornell study which says size and shape of glass affect level of liquor poured. I’m inclined to believe that shape and [...]

They’re given’ ‘em away – or not

“The state of California has the right to ban cigarette giveaways to prevent youth smoking, the California Supreme Court recently ruled,” reports JoinTogether.org here. You can read the opinion here. An interesting piece by Robert Spears, entitled “What Free v. Paid is Really About,” examines some of the issues underlying a company’s decision to offer [...]

Sin City

“Haunted by mobsters and strip clubs, Newport was always the city with the beautiful view and bad reputation. Appropriately tagged ‘Sin City,’ the riverside community had problems of criminal and corrupt activity,” or so reports ChallengerNKY.com in this article. The City of Newport’s Mayor, Tom Guidugli, says “‘[a]dult entertainment is a terrible thing for a [...]