Apparently police have had enough nude dancing — errr…, I mean illegal prescription drug sales — at one North Carolina strip club. According to this article, undercover police (posing as customers) investigated the club for over 3 months, during which time they were “offered sex and small amounts of various drugs.” Then they raided the [...]

May I see some identification, please?

This article confirms that which we already knew: running underage-alcohol-sales stings in a college town is like shooting fish … well, you know. It matters not that this sting was run in the U.S. Naval Academy’s backyard.

Sex, Drugs & Rock-n-Roll

That’s an apt description, some might say, of my law practice niche. I represent a variety of entertainment industry clients, including restaurants, nightclubs and concert venues. It’s challenging work at times, especially when it comes to repesenting those who offer adult entertainment. As far as I can tell, only WalMart and land fills consistently generate [...]