The Mild, Mild West

From the Seventh Court of Appeals of Texas comes this case. It concerns Kenneth Smartt, who began operating a business involving nude dancers (Xoticas) outside the city limits of Laredo in 1995. In 1998, Laredo annexed the property. Four years later, Laredo amended a previously existing ordinance to require those operating sexually oriented businesses to [...]

Can you hear me now?

This opinion from the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals concerns an open-atrium nightclub in Miami which, apparently, likes to play music. But the club’s neighbors (or some of them) don’t like to listen. The plaintiffs argued that the City’s noise ordinance was facially unconstitutional. The court disagreed. If you’re listening, it’s “Plaintiffs 0, Miami-Dade County [...]

PA Pro-Family Group seeks to reinstate law regulating nude dancing

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals decision at the center of the AFA of PA‘s political firestorm is available here. According to the AFA article (click blue title above), “‘The statute that was struck down last Tuesday had been in effect for over fifty years with only minor changes. Apparently the judges on this three-judge [...]