New Year, New Beginning

It’s a crime for a “Public Official” to accept a bribe. OK, we knew that. See 18 U.S.C. § 201(b)(2). A young man (Mr. Brownfield) who violated that federal statute was recently sentenced by Judge John L. Kane in Colorado’s district court. That young man owes his freedom to a fine jurist. And, of course, we owe [...]

Bounty Hunting

“Bounty hunting is a decades old profession that is legal only in the United States and the Republic of the Philippines,” writes Heath Hamacher of in this story. As Hamacher also observes, bounty hunters “are not exempt from criminal charges, either, and stories of excessive force and false arrests are not uncommon. Without the legal [...]

A new alcohol-law blog

You’re in the alcohol biz. You develop a pumpkin spice cream liqueur. Yummy. (Okay, not so yummy.) Your savvy ad firm whips up a label. Guess what? Before you can market and distribute your alcohol-pumpkin-mash in this country, the federal government must approve the formula and label.     Robert C. Lehrman is the principal of Lehrman Beverage Law. According to his firm’s Web site, they have extensive [...]

We’ve moved …

… to a new format: WordPress. Though I’m a huge fan of Google, its blog feature was lacking, IMHO. With WordPress I’ll be able to share (i.e., upload) obscure legal decisions without the head-scratching quandry presented by Google’s blogspot. I’ve also streamlined a bit. The new URL is easy: Please stay tuned while we re-work this template.

Among the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100

This is cool: Editors of the ABA Journal have selected Meeting the Sin Laws as one of the top 100 best websites by lawyers, for lawyers. Lawyers are being asked to vote on their favorites in each of the Blawg 100’s 12 categories. Voting ends Jan. 2, 2008. But enough. One of my favorite legal [...]