Georgia law continues to honor the Sabbath

“Despite public sentiment, Sundays likely to stay dry for now,” is an article which appears in today’s Atlanta Journal Constitution. If you haven’t heard, Georgia is contemplating (again) a Sunday sales bill that would allow communities to decide whether they want to allow beer, wine and liquor retail package sales on Sundays. (Georgia is one [...]

Did I just do that?

This is great. Lawyers are frequently — and rightfully — bashed for writing (and even speaking, iiik) in legalese. (There’s a ban on legalese at this firm.) Too bad the movement to quash legalese has not spread more quickly through the Legal World. It’d prevent tragedies like this one, reported by the NY Times here, [...]

In My Back Yard

An enlightened community? You be the judge. This article in the Arizona Journal reports that Scottsdale residents voted “No!” on a measure that would have banned lap dances. Whodda thunk it.