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“Amsterdam may be losing American tourists in the near future because now, it is always 4:20 in Portland, Oregon. The Cannibis Café opened last week in Portland, Oregon. This place serves food and marijuana. It is the first of its kind in the nation. It can house up to 100 patrons,” reports Digital City here. [...]

Everything is new(d) again

I’ve been working and playing. My playtime has been with our first baby, Ms. Audrey Jane Wiggins. She’s a hoot. Born on January 8, she’s been a non-stop machine, keeping her parents (especially mom) busy changing, feeding, rocking, gazing and laughing. I love it when Audrey smiles, even if the grin’s just a “gas release,” [...]

Judge Upholds Colorado’s Statewide Smoking Ban

As reported here by Denver’s CBS News. Smoking bans, I must confess, do not fall within the category of “sin law.” I say this because the drive behind smoking bans is usually public health rather than public morality. I’ve written about Georgia’s smoking ban in Atlanta’s nightlife publication, The Hudspeth Report. You can read that [...]