Fantasies & Foundries

“This case arises from a dispute regarding the denial of various applications for certificates of occupancy,” innocuosly begins this opinion. We quickly learn the plaintiff’s retail establishments sell,” inter alia, lotions, creams, oils, herbal pills, lingerie, games, bachelor and bachelorette party goods, condoms, cards, costumes, accessories, and instructional video tapes and DVD’s.” Well now I understand. A city [...]

I’m still (without) standing

So close, yet so far. That’s the motto in this case. C. Blake’s Bar & Grill landed a $1.375 million judgment against the City of St. Peters, Missouri and others. The bar — more specifically, the bar’s sole shareholder’s husband — had alleged that the city increased police presence around the establishment and ultimately revoked [...]

Mommy, this commercial is making me thirsty…

… so please give me your purse — I’ll need your money, your car keys and my fake I.D. card. This opinion was issued this week from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. The plaintiffs are the parents of minor children, and the defendants are (among others) domestic manufacturers and importers of alcoholic beverages, including [...]

Good (and bad) things come in small packages

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals issued this opinion yesterday. The case involves a retail novelty store, Dr. John’s, that sells a “range” of adult products. When the City of Roy (Utah) insisted that Dr. John’s submit to its sexually oriented business (SOB) licensing scheme, Dr. John’s launched a comprehensive challenge to the city’s SOB [...]