Another Georgia town celebrates closing of strip club

This picture will save at least 1,000 words: “Byron City Councilman Michael Chidester applauds as the Cafe Erotica sign falls Friday morning in Byron.” And another 1,000 words: “Jeff Laborg, pastor at Second Baptist Church in Warner Robins, gives a shout and waves a Bible in the air as the Cafe Erotica sign comes down [...]

Reverse Flow

“City owes $85,000 for pulling strip club’s licence,” reports According to the article, “[t]he city’s licensing committee pulled the defunct strip club’s licence in July 2006 because of inactivity. The decision, which was upheld by council, quashed plans to reopen the strip joint. At the time, the move was celebrated by councillors as a [...]

Another town buys an adult business

They’re all the rage these days. “A small town in northeast Georgia has bought a strip club, but it’s not planning to get into the adult entertainment business,” reports here. The town of Lavonia is not alone; other cities have taken the plunge.

Well, we didn’t try to suppress speech …

… even if Judge Kanne of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals says, “yes, you probably did.” This opinion is hot off the presses. In throwing out the Village of Washington Park’s alcohol-ban in adult entertainment establishments, the Court writes: Because the purpose of the ban on alcohol consumption in newly licensed establishments was to [...]

The Mild, Mild West

From the Seventh Court of Appeals of Texas comes this case. It concerns Kenneth Smartt, who began operating a business involving nude dancers (Xoticas) outside the city limits of Laredo in 1995. In 1998, Laredo annexed the property. Four years later, Laredo amended a previously existing ordinance to require those operating sexually oriented businesses to [...]


It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s … a stripper? Granted, not exactly high heroics here, but some “strippers” at the Deja Vu club in Nashville were suspicious of $100 bills and called the police after a patron spent $600 of them. The man, who “authorities say used his computer to make fake $100 bills [...]

Newsflash: strip clubs run legitimate businesses

Do I sound crass? Forgive me, but I’m hardly surprised when stories like this sell ink. In a special report (“The Naked Truth about Strip Clubs“), William Sherman for the NY Daily News reports that “there are about 3,600 strip clubs nationwide,” and “from a business point of view, it’s all like Las Vegas was [...]

Going once, going twice … sold!!!

“His topless nightclub was only open for a few days, but a businessman in Pasadena is walking away with a $1.5 million tip from the city to shut it down, and turn the property over for re-use, it was reported Saturday,” reports CBS News here. You can read a detailed story here, courtesy of the [...]

Life’s a beach sometimes

Two federal, appellate opinions concerning adult entertainment were issued this week. From the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, there is Forty One News, Inc. v. County of Lake. Long story short: 41 News, an adult book and video store, sued the county under 42 U.S.C. Sec. 1983, challenging the county’s adult use ordinance on federal [...]

Gambling & stuff

Gambling: “State would be winner if it legalizes the game,” opines Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle here. He writes, “Yes, I play poker. And like most poker players in Texas, I’m not sick, sleazy or despicable, and I am certainly no lawbreaker. Well, at times I might be. (A lawbreaker, that is).” Me, too. [...]